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Notice Regarding New Manuscript Submission
Notice Regarding New Manuscript Submission

Thank You Fatimah Jackson, Elizabeth Mingo, Jennifer Caldwell, Naima Batson, Meram Mohammed and Kaitlin Keaton for publishing your article entitled "Thanks Mom! The Evolution-Health Disparities Link Through Mitochondrial Genetic Disease" in Advances in Clinical and Medical Research Journal.

Anatomically modern humans evolved in Africa ~300,000 years ago. For this reason, the evolution of mtDNA genetic variants tracks the migratory histories of humanity worldwide. With these genetic variants have come corresponding diversity in mtDNA-associated genetic diseases.

These tend to aggregate in ethnic and regional groups in conjunction with the concentration of specific mtDNA haplotypes in these same groups. Given the ubiquity of mtDNA in every human cell, the fact that mtDNA molecules encode genes for the mitochondrial respiratory chain, protein synthesis, and regulation, are of primarily maternal heritage, and do not undergo recombination, it is not surprising that mtDNA genetic diversity in combination with environmental factors influences health disparities.We provide a model for this interaction and a comprehensive overview of the range of genetic diseases impacted by specific mtDNA variants."95 cases were reviewed" covering 29 clinical conditions.

62% of all cases were in patients of European descent, 34% in individuals of East Asian descent, and only 1% were among people of recent African descent. mtDNA-associated diseases included diverse cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic diseases. Many more adverse associations were reported than preventative.

These findings are discussed within an evolutionary context.

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