Guidelines for Reviewers

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Guidelines for Reviewers
Guidelines for Reviewers


Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • Sustain the integrity of the journal by pointing and finding out the invalid research, and to maintain the quality standards of the journal
  • Maintain associations with other journals and to expand their opportunities to join as an Editorial Board
  • Reviewers need to maintain the confidentiality of the assigned manuscripts from the Editor
  • Only reviewer with high expertise should complete the review
  • Reviewer comments and suggestions should appreciate constructive aspects of the work required to maintain the quality of the work done
  • Reviewer’s decision should depend on scientific point relevant to the subject, and scope of the journal
  • To the extent feasible, the reviewer should minimize the conflict of interest. Reviewer should notify the editor describing the conflict of interest
  • Corresponding the same courteousness established when different reviewers review their own particular research work
  • Reviewers have a very important role in scholarly publishing for peer review to approve research work and expands the network of the particular expert communities