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Guidelines for Editors
Guidelines for Editors


Editor Roles and Responsibilities

Editors of the journals have responsibilities toward the authors of the journals, the peer reviewers, the journal’s readers and the scientific community, the owners/publishers of the journals.

The roles and responsibilities are below:

  • Support and maintain the quality of the journal.
  • To establish clear guidelines for authors regarding acceptable practices required to replicate the research, before and after publication
  • Maintain procedure to reconsider editorial decisions
  • Describe, implement, and review policies for handling ethical issues, allegations or findings of misconduct by authors involved in the peer review process.
  • To inform authors that the submission will be evaluated according to the journal’s standard procedures/policies or the decision-making processes
  • Develop mechanisms, in cooperation with the publisher, to make sure timely publication of accepted manuscripts.
  • Clearly communicating all other editorial policies and standards
  • Suggesting reviewers and authors for possible submission.
  • Submit an editorial or welcome note, if required by the journal.