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Copyright Statement:

Genesis Publications operates under a copyright policy that aims to balance the rights of authors and the wider dissemination of knowledge. This statement governs the use, distribution, and reproduction of content published.

1. Author's Retained Rights:

Authors retain the copyright to their original work submitted for publication in Genesis Publications. This means that authors have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and display their work.

2. Grant of Rights to the Magazine:

Authors grant Genesis Publications the right of first publication. This exclusive license allows the magazine to publish, reproduce, and distribute the submitted work in its original form.

3. Licensing for Reproduction:

Upon publication, the content will be made available under a license known as [Specify License Type, e.g., Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License]. This license permits others to share, copy, distribute, and transmit the content under the following conditions:

a. Attribution: The original authorship must be acknowledged appropriately, providing credit to the authors as published in Genesis Publications.

b. Non-Commercial Use: Reproduction and distribution must be for non-commercial purposes only.

c. No Derivatives: No changes or adaptations may be made to the original work.

4. Author's Responsibilities:

Authors are responsible for ensuring that the content submitted for publication complies with ethical standards, is original, and does not infringe upon the rights of others. Any permissions required for third-party content must be obtained by the authors.

5. Commercial Use:

Commercial use of the published content, including reproduction for profit or commercial distribution, is not allowed without prior written permission from the copyright holder (authors).

6. Archiving and Indexing:

Genesis Publications reserves the right to archive and index the published content in recognized repositories, databases, and indexing services.

7. Non-Exclusive Agreement:

This copyright statement represents a non-exclusive agreement between the authors and Genesis Publications. Authors are free to reuse and reproduce their work for non-commercial purposes without seeking permission from the magazine, provided the original publication is acknowledged.

8. Review and Update:

This copyright statement is subject to periodic review and may be updated to align with evolving publishing standards and community expectations.

By submitting content to Genesis Publications, the authors acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this copyright statement.


Plagiarism Check Policy at Genesis Publications:

At Genesis Publications, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ensuring the originality of the research published in our journals. As part of our quality assurance process, we conduct thorough plagiarism checks on all submitted articles before publication.

Our plagiarism check policy involves the following steps:

Initial Screening: Upon submission, all manuscripts undergo an initial screening process by our editorial team to assess their suitability for publication and to ensure they meet our submission guidelines.

Plagiarism Detection Software: Subsequently, each manuscript is subjected to a comprehensive plagiarism check using industry-leading plagiarism detection software. This software compares the submitted manuscript against a vast database of scholarly literature, internet sources, and previously published works to identify any instances of similarity or overlap.

Manual Review: In addition to automated checks, our editorial team conducts a manual review of each manuscript to verify the accuracy of the plagiarism detection results and to assess the overall originality of the content.

Author Notification: If any instances of plagiarism or significant similarity are detected during the screening process, authors will be promptly notified and provided with an opportunity to address the issues identified. This may involve revising the manuscript to resolve any concerns related to originality or citing the original sources appropriately.

Editorial Decision: Following the completion of the plagiarism check and any necessary revisions, the manuscript undergoes further evaluation by our editorial board to determine its suitability for publication based on its scientific merit, relevance, and compliance with our editorial standards.

We believe that maintaining the integrity of the scholarly record is essential for fostering trust within the academic community and advancing knowledge in our respective fields. Therefore, we are committed to rigorously enforcing our plagiarism check policy to uphold the highest ethical standards in academic publishing.