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Peer Review Process
Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process for Genesis Publications

1. Manuscript Submission:

Authors submit their original research articles or review articles through the online submission system provided by Genesis Publications. The submission portal ensures a smooth and secure process for authors to upload their manuscripts.

2. Initial Editorial Review:

Upon manuscript submission, the editorial team conducts an initial review to assess whether the submission adheres to the journal's guidelines and scope. This step aims to ensure that the manuscript meets the basic criteria for consideration.

3. Double-Blind Peer Review:

Genesis Publications follows a double-blind peer review process. Manuscripts are anonymized, and both the identities of the authors and reviewers are concealed to ensure an unbiased evaluation.

4. Assignment to Reviewers:

The Editorial Board, in consultation with relevant experts, assigns the manuscript to at least three independent reviewers with expertise in the chosen field. Reviewers are selected based on their knowledge, experience, and academic standing.

5. Peer Review Evaluation:

Reviewers thoroughly evaluate the manuscript based on criteria such as originality, significance, methodology, clarity, and adherence to ethical standards. They provide constructive feedback and recommendations to the authors.

6. Reviewer Recommendations:

Reviewers submit their recommendations to the Editorial Board. The board considers these recommendations along with the reviewers' comments to make an informed decision on the acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript.

7. Editor's Decision:

The Editor-in-Chief or handling editor reviews the feedback from the reviewers and makes the final decision regarding the manuscript. The decision may include acceptance, minor or major revisions, or rejection.

8. Author Notification:

Authors are promptly notified of the editorial decision. In the case of revisions, authors are provided with detailed feedback to address reviewer comments and improve the manuscript.

9. Revision and Resubmission:

If revisions are requested, authors are allowed to revise their manuscripts accordingly. Revised manuscripts undergo a subsequent review to ensure that the suggested changes have been adequately addressed.

10. Final Approval:

The Editor-in-Chief or handling editor gives final approval for publication after confirming that the manuscript meets the journal's standards and that the reviewers' recommendations have been appropriately addressed.

11. Publication Timeline:

Upon final approval, accepted manuscripts are scheduled for publication. Genesis Publications aims to publish accepted articles approximately seven weeks from the date of initial submission.

12. Editorial Board Oversight:

The Editorial Board continuously monitors and evaluates the peer review process to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and publication ethics. Board members may also contribute to the review process as needed.

This transparent and rigorous peer review process ensures the quality and credibility of articles published by Genesis Publications. Authors can be confident that their work undergoes thorough evaluation by experts in the field before being accepted for publication.