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Genesis Journal of Surgery and Medicine is an international, single-blinded peer-review journal committed to promoting the highest standards of scientific exchange and education. It has wide research scope and covers surgery and medicine for its readers. Genesis Journal of Surgical Research and Medicine is dedicated to publishing reports on all aspects of surgery, anaesthesia and medicine. Articles published online in the journal follows fast peer-review process within short time and acceptance of manuscripts. Journal accepts all the type of articles accepted including original articles, clinical and experimental papers, review articles, point of technique, case series, and short technical notes serving the information needs of investigators in various fields of operative medicine. The journal is focuses on the patho-physiologic concepts, new techniques and in how these can be introduced into clinical work or applied when critical decisions are made concerning the use of new procedures or drugs.
Submit the manuscript as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at surgerymed@genesispub.in