Avoiding Defensive Medicine Among Pandemic

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There is no cure for covid-19. Therefore, medical workers get easily trapped in defensive medicine, which is doing the extra prescription or work to avoid a lawsuit. Defensive medicine adds stress to practitioners. Also, among the medical team, many doctors or nurses got infected or even died. All these things make medical or nursing practice a very challenging profession, not alone the stress of seeing life and death scenes every day and cry with them. That stress not only affects the quality of practice, it also affects practitioners’ mental health, physical health, and family relationships. This paper will be research on how medical workers, especially the young ones fresh out of medical school should handle all these issues.

When new caregivers work on the front line during COVID, knowledge about patient care is not enough for them to cope with the job. They have the most important patients to take care of: Themselves. Protection gears, properly making decisions, and teamwork is all as important as treating COVID symptoms. Life is not fair. The front line workers who are currently risking their own lives to save other people might not get paid enough, might not get advocated about their benefit, and their mental health might be permanently damaged by the traumatic events every day. Therefore, health care workers should creatively be wearing protective gear, avoiding defensive medicine, taking good care of their health, and grab the money they deserve. At last, save up and get ready for a long vacation after the pandemic; not only because they will be exhausted and need total relaxation, but also because after the pandemic, these current front line workers, as underdogs, might not still have a job.